So here we are.

What should we do?

What we should do depends a whole lot on what the truth is about various things.

It depends on what the goal or goals are, for example. And are these goals just my goals, or are these the goals, the real goals, built into the nature of things?

(If my personal goals differ from what the real goals are, I would not be doing what I should do by pursuing my own personal goals. It would be like playing hockey by seeing how far I can throw my stick in the air—because that is my personal goal. I might achieve my personal goal, but utterly fail as a hockey player. Likewise with life. If life has real goals that might be different from whatever might happen to strike my fancy, it is those real goals, not my own, which will determine what I should do.)

What we should do will also depend upon the truth of what will actually help us achieve life’s goal or goals. What actually exists, and how it works, will determine which actions will help us actually achieve the goal. Again, even if I know that the goal of the hockey game is to score more goals than one’s opponent, I’m not likely to meet with much success if I think that the best way to achieve that objective is to throw my stick in the air. No, I need to know that my stick is an effective instrument for shooting the puck into the opponent’s net. I need to know about the stick, and the puck, and the ice rink, and the opponent’s net, and the rules of the game. I need to know the truth about quite a bit if I am to know how to win the game. Likewise, if I am to know what I really should do—how I should actually live my life—I really need to know some important truths about the world we live in.

Seeking this truth—and therefore seeking “how to have a life”—is what this site is about.

Philosophy has the reputation of not being practical. But nothing could be further from the truth. Philosophy is intensely practical. It is all about trying to figure out the truth in order to know the answer to the question, “What should we do?” ‘Philosophy’ means, literally, “the love of wisdom.” It seeks the wisdom of knowing the truth, and therefore how to have a life.

This site is not aimed at professional philosophers. It will mostly refrain from their detailed and technical debates. It is aimed, rather, at all of us. It will draw on the insights of the professionals, but seek basic answers, and explanations, and questions a normal person can understand.

On this site we will be seeking this wisdom.

I invite you to come along.

I will express my own opinions, of course. But I invite you to respond with their own opinions or questions or challenges. I’d also love to have some guest posts on the topics we discuss. We desperately need each other’s insights. And we need each other’s help in spotting the errors in our own reasoning. We need each other to effectively pursue truth, and life.

Welcome to the search.