Below are links to written works I have “in progress.” I have not yet completed their editing for publication. But I hope to soon.


The Greatest Possible Being

This is a simple presentation of “Perfect Being Theology”–a way of thinking about God most famously presented by medieval philosopher/theologian Anselm of Canterbury. I think it’s on the right track. In fact, I find Anselms “vision” of God inspiring. But it is rarely discussed by anyone but professional theologians and philosophers. So here I try to present the ideas in a very simple way. I try to help people think it through slowly and carefully. And I even try to present it in a unique poetic way:

Here it is:

Questions for Those Who Doubt: Confessions of One Less Doubtful

This is a defense of the rationality of Christian belief. It does so by asking a series of questions. Then I “confess” how I would answer these questions:

It is here:

“Will Androids Need Salvation?”

This is an article I am working primarily regarding the question of whether machines could ever become conscious persons like us (and so need the sort of salvation we stand in need of). Whether biological machines could be conscious is a major topic in Philosophy of Mind today. I engage primarily with the work of contemporary philosopher of mind, David Chalmers.

Here it is: