To give my Intro to Philosophy students a brief introduction to the history of western philosophy I created the following set of short videos.

They consist of my very briefly explaining highlights–famous philosophers and their most famous and influential ideas.


(The sound quality isn’t always great. Using earbuds can help.)

Ancient Philosophy

The Presocratics:                    13:32

Socrates:                9:43

Plato:                            8:07

Aristotle:                                 13:22    

/              45 min.

Medieval Philosophy

Early Medieval Philosophy:          10:54

Late Medieval Philosophy:                9:34       

/      20.5 min.

Modern Philosophy

The Roots of Modern Philosophy:       13:34

The Empiricists:                              13:51

The Rationalists:                          12:46

Reid and Kant:                               12:59    

/              54 min.

19th and 20th Century Philosophy

19th Century:                          13:29

20th Century:                       14:48    

/              29 min

Total: 150 minutes