Sometimes I think I have my head and heart on straight.

Then there’s the rest of the time.

Sometimes I think the way I’m thinking and feeling, and my attitudes, are at least roughly the way they should be. But most of the time, when I stop and reflect, I don’t think I am at all thinking and feeling, and having the attitudes about things, that I should have.

I’m too myopic. Too hung up on small things. Too (embarrassingly) self centered. My perspective is off. I do not reflect the grace and concern for others I ought.

I notice that when I am thinking more as I ought, something has usually brought me to that point. I’ve been inspired. It may have been an inspiring movie, or music, or landscape, or sermon, or reading the Bible—especially about Jesus—or praying, or observing someone else who seems to be perceiving as they ought, or talking about important things with close friends. (I do not put these all on a par.)

So I’m trying to work on it.

I expose myself to these things. Set reminders for myself. Ask and expect God’s help. And I continually consider Jesus—the ultimate model. That’s the way to be! —hoping the percentage of time is increased where my heart and head are on, at least roughly, straight.

-November 2016