. . . is I do not love as I ought.

Occasionally I think my thoughts and feelings are roughly as they ought to be.

Then there’s the rest of the time.

One naturally cares about oneself. But I don’t care about others as I should.

I am no more important than anyone else. How things go for me is no more important than how they go for others. So I should care about how things go for others much as I care about how things go for me.

But I don’t.

Imagine a world where we all actually did this!

We all have greater responsibility for ourselves, and those close to us—partly because we have greater capacity to help those close to us than those more distant.

But there is no rational justification for caring less about others than we care about ourselves. We just naturally do.

The primary person who helps me see how far I fall short is Jesus, as portrayed in the New Testament.

He sacrificed himself for others. He was incredibly gracious to those who knew, and admitted, that they were not what they should be. But out of love, he was actually brutal with those in denial of their corruptions.

Jesus’ teachings also assure me that (because of Him) God forgives me for my lack of love.

They also assure me that God loves me to much to leave me this way.

I pray and trust God to help me become more the person I can and should be.

-September 2017